The Right Stuff Comes In Black, Too

This is an autobiography of one of the greatest minds in the 21 st century, described by Ebony Magazine as a genius. Dr. Thomas is one of the four inventors and innovators of fiber optics technology in the United States with 7 patents awarded in six years that supported and extended the global reach of the Internet through ultra high strength submarine cables that connect different continents and countries. His innovation brought fiber optics cost to the same level as copper leading to the replacement of copper cables with the more efficient fiber optics media with higher bandwidth. This media supports a more robust broadband transmission of pictures, data, video, making social media on the internet possible. Over a billion people use the Internet everyday, because of fiber optics. His creativity has also led to the conception and creation of 21 st century enviromentally friendly Amusement Parks; The World Success Park that includes the first African American and Latino Theme Parks. These parks will showcase the heritage and success of people of all races bringing respect and peace everywhere in this century and beyond. The book also cites other blacks in the "The Right Stuff" category, notably; President Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, President Barack Obama, Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Oprah Winfrey, Bob Johnson, General Colin Powell and others of significant and historic achievements.

Fiber Optics Inventor Release Auto-Biograph

Altanta GA/6/1/2014 – Inventor, entrepreneur, international speaker and author, Dr. Thomas Mensah, has released his auto-biography, “The Right Stuff Comes in Black, Too.” Dr. Mensah is best known for his work with Fiber Optics. He is credited as one of the four inventors of fiber optics which is the transmission media for pictures, videos, voice, emails, and data on the internet platform that is largely responsible for the advent of the modern digital/information age.

The Right Stuff Comes in Black, Too captures the inspiring life of Dr. Mensah. This book shows the reader that regardless of their background, they can achieve success and make a positive contribution to society. Topics that are covered in The Right Stuff Comes in Black, Too include
• Fiber optics invention, development and application
• The impact of Fiber Optics on the computer industry and the internet
• Dr. Mensah’s work in the Fiber Optics and Aerospace Industries
• Smart Weapons and Nanotechnology
• Dr. Mensah’s Entrepreneurial success
• Recognition, awards and patents
• Dr. Mensah’s future projects in emerging countries

The Right Stuff Comes in Black, Too has received positive feedback. After an interview that Dr. Mensah had with Wanique Shabazz on Atlanta’s WRFG 89.3, this is what Wanique had to say: “[Interviewing] Dr. Thomas in Atlanta was one of the most intriguing interviews that I’ve done in all the many years I’ve been on the air. His direct involvement and contribution to the invention of fiber optics for the improvement of our internet experience is a phenomenal achievement that garnered a large response and interest from our audience.”

A reviewer on Amazon by the name of Terry commented that “…Dr. Mensah is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant minds of the 21st Century. His work has allowed for numerous advances and paved the way for companies such as this one (Amazon) to exist along with the likes of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, etc. His book goes down as one of my top five and inspires the reader to reach for the stars and beyond. From Kumasi, Ghana to the world, he has made his mark on this generation and all that should come after.”

Dr. Mensah is from Kumasi, Ghana. He rose to the top of his class in mathematics, the sciences and languages, receiving a French Government Fellowship to do graduate studies in Montpelier, France. He holds a postgraduate certificate from MIT in Modeling and Simulation of Chemical Processes. After his doctorate in engineering, he migrated to the United States to work in two of the most prestigious research institutions in the country, Corning Glass Works Sullivan Park where Fiber Optics was invented and AT&T Bell Laboratories known for the discovery of the transistor and Lasers. While he is most known for his work in fiber optics, Dr. Mensah has contributed to the scientific field by producing breakthroughs in nanotechnology and he has helped produce advanced weapons systems used by the U.S. Military. He currently resides in Atlanta GA, and speaks around the country on american innovation and competitiveness. The Book is available in paperback at and hard copies are available at