The Right Stuff Comes In Black, Too

This is an autobiography of one of the greatest minds in the 21 st century, described by Ebony Magazine as a genius. Dr. Thomas is one of the four inventors and innovators of fiber optics technology in the United States with 7 patents awarded in six years that supported and extended the global reach of the Internet through ultra high strength submarine cables that connect different continents and countries. His innovation brought fiber optics cost to the same level as copper leading to the replacement of copper cables with the more efficient fiber optics media with higher bandwidth. This media supports a more robust broadband transmission of pictures, data, video, making social media on the internet possible. Over a billion people use the Internet everyday, because of fiber optics. His creativity has also led to the conception and creation of 21 st century enviromentally friendly Amusement Parks; The World Success Park that includes the first African American and Latino Theme Parks. These parks will showcase the heritage and success of people of all races bringing respect and peace everywhere in this century and beyond. The book also cites other blacks in the "The Right Stuff" category, notably; President Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, President Barack Obama, Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Oprah Winfrey, Bob Johnson, General Colin Powell and others of significant and historic achievements.

About the Author, Dr. Thomas Mensah

The Right Stuff Comes In Black Author At the Diamond Awards

The Right Stuff Comes In Black Author At the Diamond Awards

Dr. Thomas Mensah is one of the four Fiber Optics Inventors and Innovators in the United States. He developed the scalable manufacturing technologies that allowed Fiber Optics to be manufactured at ultra high speeds, beyond 50 meters per second. He and three original pioneers at Corning Glass Works helped replace copper transmission media with Fiber Optics technology which supports the high speed internet as we know it today.

Dr. Bob Maurer, Dr. Don Keck and Dr. Peter Schultz demonstrated the first low loss Optical fiber in the Laboratory at Sullivan Park Research center at Corning Glass Works. The speed of manufacturing remained at  2 meters per second for almost 15 years, until Dr. Thomas Mensah solved the manufacturing problem through a series of inventions at Sullivan Park Research Center. His first Patent increased Fiber Optics manufacturing speeds to 20 meters per second, lowering the manufacturing cost to the same level as copper media in 1985. He received the Corning Glass Works Individual Outstanding Contributor (IOC) Award, and a cash prize of $10,000 for manufacturing innovation in 1985. He also invented a system that solved bubble entrainment problem in the high speed draw and coating process leading to defect free high strength optical fibers. These defect free optical fibers are used in submarine and undersea cables that connect countries and continents which extended the global reach of the Internet to Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, China, the Middle East, India, Japan, Australia, and Africa.

These innovations are behind the robust and faster Internet connectivity around the world, so that photos, data, videos, voice and TV signals can be transmitted at the speed of Light. All online users and smartphone users rely on this technology to interact on the world wide web, through tablets, personal computers, laptop computers and other mobile devices including wearable computers like the new smartwatch and Google glass introduced recently into the market place. Fiber Optics transmission has also led the creation of modern Internet companies like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and revolutionalized personal computers and mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, through connectivity to the Internet. The explosive growth of the world wide web since 1985 depended entirely on the replacement of copper cables with Fiber Optic media.

Dr. Thomas Mensah, moved to AT&T Bell Laboratories where he worked on the development and demonstration of the Fiber Optic Guided Missile Technology. He received three U.S Patents on the Fiber Optic Guided Missile Technology. This innovation has led to the current array of laser guided and GPS guided smart weapons used by the U.S Military. He is also a leading authority in the new field of Nanotechnology, where he is developing advanced batteries for smartphones and mobile devcices that can last longer up to three days without charging, using Nanotechnology.

The Author and the Pioneers at Corning Glass Works are the force behind the Fiber Optics revolution in the U.S and the world. Dr. Mensah has also conceived the World Success Park, an Amusement Park that includes all races, showcasing the success, and heritage of different races. This park will showcase the first African American and Latino Parks that are also environmentally friendly.

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