The Right Stuff Comes In Black

This is an autobiography of one of the greatest minds in the 21 st century, described by Ebony Magazine as a genius. Dr. Thomas is one of the four inventors and innovators of fiber optics technology in the United States with 7 patents awarded in six years. His creativity has also led to the conception and creation of 21 st century environmentally friendly Amusement Parks; The World Success Park that includes the first African American and Latino Theme Parks. These parks will showcase the heritage and success of people of all races bringing respect and peace everywhere in this century and beyond. The book also cites other blacks in the "The Right Stuff" category, notably; President Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, President Barack Obama, Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Oprah Winfrey, Bob Johnson, General Colin Powell and others of significant and historic achievements.
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Ben Kessie

Dr Thomas Mensah's "The Right Stuff Comes in Black" is an autobiography in its own class. I was as enchanted with his real life story as I have been by the many accomplishment the man has accumulated. Very inspiring It's a cliché, to be sure, but Dr Mensah's humble beginning gave him the Right Stuff: roots and direction. He gained the self-confidence and security from his father and with his brilliant mind, made great friends and colleagues along the way. Achieving fiber optic innovation that has changed humanity for the better is not a small feat. Yet, he never strayed too far from the values he learned so early on, and even though he lives in a world very far removed from the one he was born into, he remained humble and a relevant intellectual. The book is very inspiring; I will probably read it again. Thank you, Dr Mensah for sharing your knowledge, determination and incredible talent with us and the world.

Alvin Harper

"The Right Stuff Comes in Black" is a great read, this book should be read by all those seeking to contribute technical innovations to help make the world a better place to live, work and play. The keys to "Life's Blessings" are Talent, Hard Work and Perseverance and Dr. Thomas Mensah "The Right Stuff Comes in Black" exhibits all three, along with humbleness and kindness and many other character traits that have helped Dr. Mensah contribute his great fiber optic ideas and innovations to the world. To acomplish his goals in life, Dr. Mensah utilized his father's wise advise and family upbringing to overcome life's many obtacles. By writing this great book he is unselfishly giving back to the young generation on how to prepare and obtain greatness in their chosen area of expertise and life mission. "This is a must read book and I thoroughly enjoyed it."

Fred Adu

"The Right Stuff Comes in Black" is the most inspiring book I have read in a long time. The way Dr. Mensah chronicles his rise from humble beginnings in Ghana, to the stature he is at today; is simply amazing. The book is so well written that the words simply flow off the page and stay with you long after you have read it. This book is definitely a must for anyone, young or old, who desires a motivational push in their lives.